Mindless Violence на ова издание се:
Марко Крстевски (вокал)
Александар Илиевски (гитара)
Димитар Трајковски (бас)
Кристијан Тодоров (тапани)

текст: Марко Крстевски

музика / аранжман: Mindless Violence

песните се снимени во Ѓорче Петров во студиото на Дени Крстев во октомври 2011

снимател / миксер: Ненад Трифуновски

мастеринг за винилот: Joakim Jarl


Damage на ова издание се:
Kaj, Davis, Per и Joel

песните се снимени во летниот период 2011

миксер: Niels Nielsen

мастеринг за винилот: Joakim Jarl

дизајн на омот: Christofer Davis

контакт: damage.bandcamp.com | damagelkpg@gmail.com





released July 15, 2012



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Mindless Violence - D.I.Y.
се сеќавам на сите бендови кои ги гледав залепени на автобуски
како мал љубопитен за сцената која со години се градеше
SMUT, БУМБИКС, FPO... бендовите се редеа
некои од нив заминаа, а некои од нив останаа
но нови бендови се појавија кои ја продолжија традицијата
сеуште DIY етика без текстови кои водат кон патетика!!
Track Name: Mindless Violence - Телевизија
вистини создаваат
лаги продаваат
сé е едноставно
сé е интересно
вистини создаваат
лаги продаваат
сé е возвишено
сé е уништено
телевизија - гледаме сé
телевизија - знаеме сé
телевизија - гледаме сé
телевизија - еби се!!!
масовна комуникација
мозочна ексхумација
уништувач на фантазија
изопачена едукација
Track Name: Mindless Violence - Работи, конзумирај, умри!
ги следиш трите правила
на капиталистичката идила
работи, конзумирај, умри
од 9 до 5, од 5 до 9
работиш за храна и топол кревет
се палиш само на малите нешта
го дркаш само на малите нешта
Track Name: Damage - 37
a way out is what I need
this called life is not for me
can´t stand my job, can´t stand myself
my so called life is my hell
ten years behind, I count the days
if this gets worse I’ll make my day
mother, forgive my mistakes
one last breath one last ache


another step towards the grave
rach day is the same
a lot of thoughts in my mind
some are happy some are mine
I go to sleep and I wake up
I do my shit, I do my cut
I wish I found another place
I search for peace everyday


so this is it?
should I care?
can it change?
to the better?
is this it?
is this all?
this is it!
this is all!

Track Name: Damage - Too blind to see
my world has frozen
I guess it’s my turn
to walk in the dark
and collect what I’ve earned
guess they have marked me
with the sign of the dead
cause people avoids me
they're turning their heads
they shattered my world
and took it away
they spared my life
it was their mistake
I remember the reaper
how he took my hand
he freed me from darkness
a life with the damned

I’m to blind to see
what they’re doing to me
I’m to blind to see
what they do

and I cover my eyes
so I cannot see
the backside of democracy
never again will they treat me like this
never again will I close my eyes to this

I’m to blind to see
what they’re doing to me
I’m to blind to see
what they do

humanity, what have you done?
you’re turning your back
on one of your sons
I was a fool
to believe what they said
the freedom of speech
is not what they preached

I’m to blind to see
what they’re doing to me
I’m to blind to see
what they do
Track Name: Damage - Pressure
pressure’s on all the time
as we lead our lives in line
got to wait for my food
for my money for my turn
clock is ticking running fast
I'm still stuck here standing last
panic starts I got to move
from this city from this world
outside it's so cold
pigs are fat, they are spoiled
eat a lot and then they die
eaten by a bigger swine
every end is a start
got to play our part
run along, pumping hearts
as the excitement starts

pressure’s got a hold on me
hold on me
hold on me

left the city I'm on my own
heading towards the hills around
in my head an inner peace
memories are getting bleached
nature calls, stick and stones
I won’t let them break my bones
sun will set, the night will come
hollow eyes, howling on
tables turn, all around
a deep breath before the plunge
running through the darkened fields
I smell the stench in the breeze
roll 'em up it's time to go
let´s feed these old crows
light and thunder from the sky
this is the night I'll die

pressure’s got a hold on me
hold on me
hold on me

wolves are chasing, I'm on the run
left my herd, it's my time
gotta stay on my feet
a step ahead from the beast
the pack can smell me, taste my blood
I know my time is running out
rip me open my last cry
as the monster slays my life