The 3 of Us

by Culture Development



Culture Development на ова издание се:
Алек Костенаров (бас, вокал)
Александар Макаловски (гитара, вокал)
Стефан Дојчиновски (тапани)

3, 5, 7, 9, 10 - Алек Костенаров
1, 2, 4, 6, 8 - Александар Макаловски

музика: Александар Макаловски

аранжман: Culture Development

снимено во Ѓорче во студиото на Дени
заедно со Ненад Трифуновски и Дени Крстев

едитирање: Дени Крстев

миксање / мастеринг: Ненад Трифуновски

дизајн на омот: Филип Тасевски - Fitz (p.a./design)




released August 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Направи Заедно Butel Municipality, Macedonia

do it together record label

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Track Name: Take Me Away
take me away
nothing is as it was without you
my days are all the same
I still fill you beside me
this city is death
this city is a grave
this streets are nameless
that day when you left
my nights, alone in the dark
with creepy music from my speakers
means nothing to you
you left us
you left your home
you left everything
you left me
Track Name: Tonight
she dies tonight betrayed
all those friends you've got
we won't do this to our mother
and the rain comes after her breath stops
every house on the corner
screams as she lay, dying tonight
her boy starts a war
the bastard must die

no, I won't stop,
she was everything I had

you've killed her
you've destroyed her son
you should take your consequences
you're leaving tonight
Track Name: The Highest Walls
how dare you to act like this?
how could you do this to me?
each time I see you
your humor and the way you speak
what if we go on?
if we forget everything?
if you are alone?
if nobody hangs out with you anymore?
you will say sorry, you will apologise
and we were brothers from different mothers
but we don't care about it
but what if I went with my life far away
where you like a person will be banned?
you can't come with me
I will build walls
the highest walls in my head
you will be blind!
Track Name: Second Chance
we've think it's done
we're going down
our greatest times
sinked with our souls
we've cried, we've cried for the past
for rehersals in our temple
where all our problems has gone away
but now we've found our god
new person, new spirit, new perspectives for us
this is what we need
we need this to forget your shit
our second chance
your mistakes, your fault!
Track Name: Sarah Song
I remember when we were visited Mary Jane for the first time
spending all our time on talking and smoking cigarettes
drinking the fucking wine till our minds visit some other space
and someday you'll remember all those lyrics I wrote on this paper
your mind will be whispering
I wrote on this paper that
something like this will never happened to me again
your head must be always up
your mind will whispering that
something like this will ever happen to me
my best friend someday I hope we'll reach infinity
I love you!
Track Name: I Will Never Be
I can't forget those nights when we laugh
when we fight eachother
our yard, our conversations till sun wakes up
driving around with no reason
because I'm the man you want me to be
your plans for my future
your smartest solutions
I adore you...
and all that barbecue we made
and all those things we've brake
just for fun,
just to fill up our time
I adore you...
this house is empty
our yard become mine
but I'm not you
and I will never be!
I adore you...
Track Name: Things
I should have seen how things get goin'
I barely live, but my feelings fuck me
we used to sware on broken promises
but I must say I'm a little suprised
there are always friends that fucked things up
there are many people who will try to destroy your life
but thanks, you've always have trust in me
thanks for loving me and should I thanks
cause' you always save me
Track Name: The Movies and the Nights
as much as she prays for my life
to forgive her for mistakes, for everything
for the past and for present
the dust from your bed
the skin from your face
your help, your clothes
the movies and the nights
your ugly face
your make up
your sister, I hate her
your ego and your self-esteem
your taste of music sucks
your taste of everything stinks
I hate everything about you
I'm sick and I don't want to see you!
Track Name: Saint
my source is dead
are you still using the blame
to lie to her all over again?
you are not a saviour
you have never been a saint
you've destroyed her future
killed all the dreams she had
she taught she liked you
her smile killed you
for the very last time
you've promised her, you won't tell to nobody
about your little secret
and because of you (and you're fucking lies)
she can't see her future
Track Name: Friend
we are trying to forget this ugly words you've said last night
you are killing me again with your secrets
I can't find the passion between us and she is running away
and we, we didn't have the guts to say a word
I'm tired of being someone else
our misery brings the happy end
you've never said a single word
you've always liked somebody else
we are trying to forget this ugly words you've said last night
you are killing me again with your secrets
(you are already done enough to pretend it's ok)
I can't find the passion between us and she is running away
(we're tearing eachothers, lifes away)
and we, we didn't have the guts to say a word
(I'm tired of being someone else)