You, Me and Nobody Else

by Culture Development

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Culture Development на ова издание се:
Алек Костенаров (бас, вокали)
Александар Макаловски (гитара, вокали)
Стефан Дојчиновски (тапани, вокали)

албумот е снимен во студиото на Дени во Ѓорче
(јуни - август 2013)

снимено, миксано, продуцирано и мастеризирано од Ненад Трифуновски

едитирање и помошник при снимање: Дени Крстев

дизајн на омот: Culture Development и Филип Тасевски - Фиц / plasticart

музика и аранжмани: Culture Development

текстови: Александар Макаловски
(Алек Костенаров на "Departed memories")


released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Направи Заедно Butel Municipality, Macedonia

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Track Name: The colour of your skin
I have to understand that you’re not around.
You’ve stoled my heart and I don’t want to let you go. It’s sad to say but I’m honest. At the end, you know that we are all the same. Give me your hand, I want to hold it until I’m not dead. I hope that I will tell you one day. You are my inspiration. I’m singing about you, you are reading this and you don’t know that this is for you. Perfection. You made a scar on my heart. Why not me? It is another boy in this game or I’m the only one? Have you ever tought how I feel? Hope. Why not me? The colour of your skin, it’s all I care about and see! The other things mean nothing to me. I’m starring at my phone and I’m waiting, for you, to think about it, to think about me, to call me… It’s fucked up situation inside me these days but who cares…
Track Name: Habbits
Now I’m blind, I don’t know why? You can carry on with your poor life. My last words about you. Finish line! Walking through this city with this long streets, I feel so alone but it’s ok. Go outside, drink and die. Don’t make me sad. Let me beat the crap out of your mean heart. Houses we die in. Old pride. Real passion, real experience, that’s life. Can’t wait to see you alone and crushed. I know that this is not nice but that’s life. The saddest life we had imagined. So small, so poor, so mean, so what is coming? Moments like this is what we live for. Lie! Anyway you look at it, you’ re gonna get screwed. It’s nice now but you’re stupid. We all did it because it feels like the sweetest dream. Your heart skips every second beat, you’re stronger now but…
Track Name: The River
Two and a half days I’m stuck with you and your home, place where light never ends. Not far from the river. I want to be there when the stone hits the water. I want to comeback with you and your lovely friend, which I like but not enough to think. Chaos in my head, thinking about everything, about an office, about a river that goes around the town. I remember that fountain and that stairs, that shoulder, that chair and that cake you’ve made. I remember the sentence you’ve said to me, I remember the charger for my cell phone battery. Not a single force on earth could stop that moments in my mind. We both remember the meeting in front of the door and you’ve laughed at all my jokes. And I remember the way you were dressed, I still remember the silence, how you reacted, the view and my eyes staring your hair. Tell me everything you know. Tell me that I’m not ready to find out. Tell your stories to me. Tell me what you’ve think about when you can’t fall asleep at night. Everyone is out searching for someone. I wonder what I will find, I find you. But it all ends in a bad way, ofcourse.
Track Name: Ice
We’ve tried once, six years ago.
We’ve failed and I don’t want to go again in this. I wonder will it look like this tomorrow?
I’m seeing signs in my gray brain, I swear that I want the best, for you. Wait, we are lost before we are discovered. And you have time, you have the whole world inside, in your mind.
Look around, look outside, chase the sun.
What I was, what I’ll be, what you will see.
Maybe in the future you’ll move out and start again, start from the scratch. And the ice inside me will melt. We’ve never made it so far, but I’ll try to make you proud. To be proud once, in your life. To be honest, to be you.
Did you see in my ex bestfriends eyes?
You’ re not mine and I can’t get how the fuck you fall in love? For the first time, I am begging you to understand, to know why, to catch my words and to be smart.
Track Name: So Long
Maybe you figured out what is happening in your head. I know that you’re never used to feel like shit. You know that I’m fine without you and your help. Waiting for me, I’m not sure. You are smart girl and you know how to take care of yourself. But friendship is precious. Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends. Hear it, hear the voices around you. All around you is black. But friends are born, not made! Don’t think! Thinking is enemy of creativity. In the practice of tolerance I’m very good and trained. You can’t piss me off, my heart is young again. Between you, me and nobody else. Maybe last time, maybe I will never mention your name again. Maybe I will. Don’t make the same mistake as me, I guess you are with someone in this moment but I don’t care. You’re not my obsession anymore. I’ve figured it now, it’s late but I can’t change the time. Our clock is broken, he’s not showing the real time. Looking back, I ‘ve may never tried hard enough to find the right quality in you. To build the person inside you but I’m not regretting for this. I was only you best friend, I wasn’t your parent. Dream and give yourself permission to choose. Don’t wait for other people to be happy for you. Change your life today! Start again! So long, so long my friend, so long my love, so long in another life!
Track Name: Sounds in my head
I will tell you, but I’m so scared.
I’m singing as loud as I can, I don’t know how to do this in any other way. So what should I do now? I know that you are awake and I will do everything, just to feel safe! That chance to listen the sounds in my head, every single one speaks to me. Type a question for help. 
We are so alone, we are falling asleep in our beds and this feelings come out from our brains. We will meet again in my street, in our neighbourhood. I’ll be near you until my lungs collapse from the pressure. There is something inside that they can’t find, that they can’t touch, that they can’t see. We are friends now and I think that we will always be. But it’s not enough, for me. Everything will change, maybe I will not be the saddest person in this place. We will grow with age! And you’re not the coward which I’ve became. Remember that.
Track Name: Departed memories
Say that you’re done. With all those opinions how my life should’ve end. You were gone the minute when I need someone’s help. Too many people, trying to chase me, destroy your brother on half. All I was trying to get from you is fucking trust and respect. I’ve never understood those important things you have. But leaving me on the street was way unfair. I hope someday you’ll find me. Living the dream once I’ve had. Destroying all those memories, leaving them for someone who never cares.
Track Name: Next Spring
I’m just trying to keep my family together and you’re my worst dream. Everything I hate. Why don’t you stop? She’s not yours! Back off, stop! This mess I will fix it. I don’t know how but I will. Me and my everything, my mom, we will reach to the top and you will burn. I swear that one day I will come near you and I don’t know what I’m gonna do. But ain’t gonna be nice, life is hard, right? I can’t wait for next spring, for that day when I will stay alone with her, when we will start a new life by ourselves. But I will be polite, I will call you from time to time to hear how are you. To hear about your success and your job, your story. Your life I’m not in it, you’re not in mine and both of us will be fine. Life is hard, right?
Track Name: Recommended for…
Hard time in here. They are nice but I can't find you.
Can't find your love! Searching for better life.
Please don't come to me when I will be sick and tired. You will need me one day. I don't have the voice of an angel like he does and the only way you can get stronger is to live through a lot of stuff.
Don't you ever think that this song is about you!
I'm only writing like always, writing about people. 
Learn how to build your friendship with someone who cares about you, someone who call's you every single day just to hear you voice. The worst habit in the world! You lived inside me but now I'm so far away from you and I'm good. Five years full of lies, read my words, you are so fucking selfish.
It's so amazing how you go on, you are not so special as you think. I have nothing to say to you,
just emptiness and memories. But memories need to be shared, nothing is ever really lost to us as long as you remember the past. That moment that's gone forever. I don't understand people like you…
Track Name: You
We’ve tried ours best but people around you don’t let you fly. When I will get to you…
I’m hopeless about you. I will follow you, you will not be alone. Fight, fight, fight for your rights. Fight for you, fight for me and fight for us! I can’t eat, the food has lost it’s taste, I’m high all day. Open your eyes, look so deep that you can recognize it. I’m clean, you’ re not free. Please, you will never taste the fear, I will always be here! You are afraid of being hurt again, I can understand that you are scared. 
But when our sun will shine, you will be mine. Again! This is not the end!!
Track Name: You've always said
You've always said that you miss me,
you've always makes me sad and pissed.
Look at your friend, what is the difference between yours and hers brain? I love your patience, I love the fact that you are worried about me but I'm not your friend and I will never want to be. Because you are not that person! I hate that romantic conversations when you are melting. I hate that because of me you love my band! I hate that you miss me!
We must stop. This is for me, not for my mates. This should be between us and nobody else. I've used to think about you. Now, I think more and more and I can't let you go from my head. I could drown in you. When you can't find the right words, being deeply loved by someone gives you strength. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself and especially to feel, or not to feel.
Track Name: Mud
I don’t deserve you to ignore me. You’re cold as stone. In my dreams, I imagine you in better way. When I’m awake, I don’t want to see you. I’ve never delayed, I’m just scared. I want to stay with you but do you want that? It seems that compromise will get us to the right way. I need you to love me back. You are loosing me and you act like you don’t care. Maybe you really don’t, I don’t know. I hate your phone calls. They’re the most important part of your day. But not mine. Our ship is sinking in deep mud. Our crew is somewhere where our eyes can’t reach. We can control our lives! I’m not so special as you think, I’m just a normal twenty years old kid. We’re youngsters acting old. No clouds, clear sky, two chairs and mud around us. But we deserve all of this, even worse because our habits are the stupidest in this world.
Track Name: Grey
This place is not your home. It was, but it’s not anymore. Your desire to destroy our souls. Pack your things and go. Payback time has come. I can’t wait to see you face and your reactions when you figure out that you’re wrong, when you figure out that you are not the only person in this world. When I will put your brain in a melting pot. When you will need me. When you will need her. My dearest person in this world. My best friend, my soul mate, my everything. You will pay me for her, not for me, I don’t care about me. Speak, where is your spirit now? She can’t stop me to rip your soul, to kill your evil brain. I’m sorry for your future, your kids, your poor life. Your blind prince, your heart is not clear. Your body is full with stones, grey stones. Someday I swear that my opinion about you will be pink. Maybe, maybe when I will be dead.
Track Name: Few people running
We're all alone now. They've promised that everything will be perfectly in order. That you can see them. But I need someone or something to sing about. I need a story. 
We are just a few. We are running this ship across our hearts and souls. Twenty years I'm standing still. Sometimes I'm slow but I will never be fixed. Say goodbye to your soulmate. Say goodbye to all your friends.
Don't let yourself to be like me. Don't fail. Live and learn. Love. It seems like I'm the only one who doesn't knew what to do. This streets are dusty, no city lights this night. I've been thinking too much of you. I can't hear anything except my breath. I stare at your body.
This is not what you think, I don't see you in my head like that. We will carry on with our lives. At least for a while.